World Egg Organisation – Uniting the world around eggs

The World Egg Organisation is the only global organisation that is entirely dedicated to representing the humble egg and the international link for all things related to the egg.

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What we do

Associated with this organisation is the International Egg Commission (IEC), an international trade association; International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC), a network for human nutrition professionals; International Egg Foundation (IEF), a global charity; Egg Processors International (EPI), an international network for egg processors; Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs (GISE), a multi stakeholder sustainability project and World Egg Day (WED).

The World Egg Organisation communicates the work of this whole group, and works primarily to promote the egg and its numerous benefits and uses to the world's population, working with non-governmental organisations in both developing and developed countries.

Our organisations

International Trade Association representing the producers of eggs and egg products

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An opportunity to have fun and celebrate the benefits of eggs and their important role in life

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A global charity to increase the access and availability of locally produced, high quality protein in areas of need

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The network linking human nutrition professionals worldwide

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International Trade Association and network for the producers of egg products

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An initiative group working on sustainability in the egg industry

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Contact us

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Julian Madeley
WEO Director General

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Cassy Price
IEC Secretary General

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